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IJEA - Volume 1 Issue 2




Sr/ No Title Pdf
1 Teachers’ Attitude Towards E-Learning: A Study
Anjali Jindia, Sonal Chawla
2 Power Analysis technique of Embedded Software
A. M. Borkar, T. V. More, R. S. Lonkar
3 A Survey of Different Image Segmentation Process Using Genetic Algorithm Approach
S.Dhanalakshmi, Dr.T.Ravichandran
4 Necessity of platform independency in programming languages
Kurmachalam Ajay Kumar
5 High Reliability ror MANETS under Different Attacks
K Ahok Babu,Dr D Sreenivasa Rao,Dr.S.Lakshminarayana
6 Challenges and Issues of Indian Mutual Fund Industry: Action plan for Achieving Transformational Growth
Dr. S.M.Salimath, Dr. L.D.Vaikunthe
7 Study on the Platform of Dual Dependency under the Framework of Cloud Computing
Samiran Roy, Rahul Roy , Rajdeep Chatterjee , Z. Das, Dr. B. Neogi
8 Visual Cryptography Scheme: To Secure Face, IRIS and Finger Authentication for Biometric Privacy
Sanket R.Trivedi, Prof. (Dr.) Jayesh M Patel , C.D. Patel
9 Study and Analysis of TCP/IP Congestion Control Techniques : A Review
Sasmita Acharya
10 Teacher Efficient in Relation to their Sentimental Brightness
Miss shabina khan
11 A Novel message replay detection during secure data transmission
M. Raja Kumar
12 Capable Methods for Concealment Preserving In Online Analytical Preprocessing
G. Ramakrishna, V.Sangeeta,P. Suresh Babu
13 An Extended Multicast Group key generation and Encoding Mechanism
A.LakshmanRao ,Kotipalli Prasad
14 How to teach programming languages to novice Student and Problems in learning of Students
Tejinder Singh
15 Opto-Bot: A Surveillance Robot controlled by an Optical Mouse
V H Arul
16 Performance Evaluation of Protocols in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Rupinder Kaur
17 An analysis of Help-Seeking Behaviour among Women with Urinary Incontinence using Fuzzy Cognitive Map Model
W.Ritha , W.Lilly Merline