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IJAIR- Volume 2 Issue 2




Sr/ No Title Pdf
1 Security Access Control Permissions for the security enhancement of Conceptual database
Dr.Mohmad Kashif Qureshi
2 RII based Seamless Mobility Connectivity Architecture
Mr. Amit B.Kalyani
3 Performance Analysis of Cloud Computing Centers Using Queuing Systems
S.Anjalai Devi, R.Sudha
4 Wireless Sensor Network Monitoring Using Three Tier Security Scheme
J. Anne Steffi, S. Dilip Kumar
5 Micro Grid Based MPPT Technique for Renewable Energy Source
Anush P
6 Combined Query Technique For Optimization Of Bloom Filter
7 Comparision Of Pwm And Hybrid Modulation Technique For Hybrid Multilevel Inverter
Bharati R. Sonavane, Mrs.Hina B. Chandwani
8 Identification And Implementation Of Request Pattern In Internet Banking Application
B.Chithra, A.Meiappane, Dr. V. Prasanna Venkatesan
9 Determination Of The Minimum Stress Required To Fracture An Igneous Rock Sample In Okpilla Village (Edo State, Nigeria)
Collins. O. Molua , Edwin.C. Igherighe. And Jonathan.O. Idialu.
10 Reliable Transmission Protocol for Patient Monitoring using ZigBee Wireless Mesh Network
Danielchakravarthy.J, Balasubramanian.D, Aadityavelava.V.A
11 Software Testing In Research and Actual
Deepak Jain, Praveen Bhatt
12 A Novel Hybrid Filtering Method for Color Image Denoising Using Different Wavelets
Gagandeep Singh , Anudeep Goraya
13 A Survey On Position Identification In Vechicular Ad-Hoc Networks
Prof.B. Anuradha, D.Gowtham Chakravarthy
14 Breathe signal processing in diagnosis of respiratory diseases
Aadityavelava.V.A, M.Vanithalakshmi, R.Radhika
15 Handling Selfishness in Fast Detection Replica Allocation over Mobile Ad-hoc Network
E.Kodhai, K.Indumathi
16 Regional Trusted Authority providing Authorization in Vanet
R.Rajadurai, N.Jayalakshmi
17 A Hierarchical Cluster with similarity Measure based Pre-processing approach for Web Usage Mining
S.Kartiga, K.Indumathi
18 Land Degradation in India: A Quest for Legal Remedy
Kiran Kumari Singh and Ramakant Singh
19 Reengineering Dictionary for Identifiers using Natural Language Processing
Mrs.G.Shaveedha Asst.Prof , Mrs.K.Ramya Asst.Prof
20 A Safety Key Management for Privacy and Preserving Data in Cloud
Rani.S, Dhivya D.T
21 Research Gaps in Cognitive Radios Networks
Manwinder Singh, Dr. Manoj Kumar, Dr. Jyoteesh Malhotra
22 Land Mobile Satellite Systems - A Review
R.Nandhini, C.Arunachalaperumal
23 A Simple Symmetric Key Cryptographic Algorithm
C.Chandrasekar, V.Prabhakaran
24 Iris Recognition With Smart Card For High Security
Prasad Kundurthi , Surya kavita.T
25 Enhancement Of Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation And Classification
26 Predicting and Optimizing the End Price of an Online Auction using Genetic-Fuzzy Approach
Kodhai E, RamPrasath C, Bubalan V, Pratheeban R
27 Finite State Machine Oriented Security Policy Composition for Composite Web Services
Raju R, Shanmugapriya S, Mahalakshmi P, Lalitha G
28 Construction Of Skill Test Battery In Ball Badminton
P. Raj Kumar & Dr.R.Kalidasan
29 Area-Time Efficient Scaling-Free Cordic Using Generalized Micro-Rotation Selection
Rajalakshmi.S, ParthasarathyC., Satheesh Kumar.T
30 Multicasting in MANET using Stateless Protocol with Parameter Tuning
S. Rajarajeswari, V. Gowri
31 Electricity subsidy in punjab A case study of agriculture sector
Dr. Rajwinder Kaur and Er. Manjinder Singh
32 A Performance Evaluation and Examination of Open-Source Erasure Coding Libraries For Storage
Ram Krishna Sharma
33 HIGH PERFORMANCE FPGA Implementation of RS Codec for DVB
Ram Krishna Sharma
34 DTC of Induction Motor using Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter
M.V.Ramesh, Ch.Rambabu
35 Review of Adjustable Frequency AC-AC Drives Using Different Inverter Topologies
Bhumika Rana, Hina B. Chandwani
36 Equality Of Edge Domination And Connected Edge Domination In Graphs
S.Velammal And S.Arumugam
37 A Scheme to support P2P-Based Multimedia Sharing in Multimedia Board
T.Saisaranya, R.Kalaivani
38 Multi-Threaded Approximate Pattern Matching Based on Edit Distance
Shivani Jain, Dr. A.L.N. Rao, Ankit Jain
39 Automated Security Test by using Formal Threat Models on Leakage Detection
P. Santhosh Reddy, G.Sireesha
40 Detecting, Intimating the Fire Accidents in Video Process
S.Muthukumar, R. Sudha
41 Power, Area & Time Analysis Of Haar Wavelet Using Vlsi Architecture
Prof. Sonali R. Tavlare
42 Pattern Recognition Of Numeric Numbers Using Artificial Neural Network
Dr. Sunita, Sunjeev Kumar
43 Literature Report on Face Detection with Skin & Reorganization using Genetic Algorithm
Tanvi Chauhan, Prof.Vineet Richhariya , Sunil Sharma
44 MTF for image search in PSW
G.Uma Sri, R.Kalaivani
45 An Interactive algorithm for Iris Image capturing & detection for Secured Biometrics Authentication
Vijaysinh T.Jadeja , Dr. J.G.Pandya
46 Dual Output Inverter for Minimized Total Harmonic Distortion using SVM
Ch.Vinod Kumar
47 Microcontroller Based Power Factor Controller Using Static VAR Compensator
Vishal Nayyar, Dr. S. Chatterji, Ritula Thakur, P.K.Lehana
48 An Analysis of Multipath Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Mr. Vishal Rajput , Nilay Shah, Nilesh K, Modi
49 Wireless Signal Propagation Using Magnetic Induction in Underground Sensor Network
50 Image Enhancement Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Honey Bee
Jaspreet Kaur, Sukwinder Kaur and Maninder Kaur
51 A Survey On Routing Protocol In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Based On Postion
J.Johnsi, T.Preethija, G.Abija
52 An Energy Efficency Parameter For Mobile Ad- Hoc Network
K.Krishnaveni, C.Sathiyakumar
53 Energy Efficiency Routing Technique Using Two Hop Transmission in MANET
D.Leela, E.Mohanraj
54 Medical Image Segmentation Using Fundus Image
Manju krishna ,Jayashree.r,M.Vanitha lakshmi
55 Enhance Qos In MANETS Using Inter-Layer Communication (Cross-Layer Design)
S.Mylsamy, Assistant Professor, Dr.J.Premalatha, Professor
56 Resource Management and Pricing Mechanism for Commercial Clouds
57 Ontology Based Online Knowledge
K.Vanathi, D.Muthusankar
58 Design and Analysis of Circular Slotted MSA for Wireless Communication
Vibha Raj Nag, Gurpadam Singh
59 Analysis of K-means Algorithm
Vivek Barwat, Prof. J. M. Bhattad
60 Cluster based Approach for Service Discovery using Pattern Recognition
Arunachalam N, MohanaSundaram P, Santhan R, SarathKumar R
61 Speed Control of Induction Motor and Improvement of Efficiency using Fuzzy Logic Controller
Umesh kumar bansal , Shalandra Bhartiya , Rakesh Narvey
62 A Recent Statistical Survey of Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Knowledge and Practice of Exclusive Breastfeeding among Nursing Mothers in Ife East, South-West, Nigeria.
Olubunmi O.Ogundipe, Oluwafunmilola D.Awe and Olushina O.Awe
63 3-D Volume Reconstruction For Medical Applicaton
P.Divya , V.Manikandan
64 A Robust and Scalable Reputation System for Secured Communication in Multi Agent Systems
G.Gomathi and N.Radhika
65 A Safe Cloud Storage with Multiple Servers
Thenmozhi.M and Samyukthai.M
66 Stamping Wildcat Users in Stripping Mesh for Secluded Networks by Using Nymble
C.Murugan and R.Sudha
67 Optimization And Sensitivity Analysis Of Flutter Of An Aircraft Wing
R.Kannan, Dr.MD.Nazir Hussain
68 A Propose Method of MODELING move toward Incorporate NONLINEAR Fundamentals
69 Supporting Efficient and Scalable Multicasting Over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Jaladi.Vinusha, K.Lavanya , V.Nagarjuna , Kolla.Ashok Chakravarthi
70 Self adaptive on demand real time Multicast geographic routing for Mobile ad hoc Network
Poonam S. Mantri , S.T. Patil
71 Analyzation and extraction of knowledge through model evaluation techniques in SPI
A.Saranya, Dr.S.Kannan, M.Suganya, A.Sumithra
72 Forecasting Of Stock Market Using Historical Data
Vilas S. Gaikwad, Mr.V.R.Shinde,Mr.O.G.Warekar ,Mr.V.G. Patil Mr.N.S. Patil ,Mr.V.V.Phadtare
73 A Survey Of Watermarking Process
S.Dhanalakshmi , Dr.T.Ravichandran
74 Biometric Approach Based On Standardizes Mouse Dynamics
M.Muralidharan , K.Gobinathan
75 Universal Selective Harmonic Elemination Method For High Power System
P.Ramesh, Dr.Siddappa naidu, Dr.MSunderrajan
76 Implementation For 3D Cartographic Mapping
G.Shankar, Dr.A.Nageshwaran
77 Implementation And High Security In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks With QoS
R.Mynuddin sulthani , Dr.Ramesh babu , Dr.MSunderrajan
78 Partial Key Exposure attack on RSA—Lattice Dimensions
G.Premnath, Dr.A.Nageshwaran
79 Design And Implementation Of Single Stage High Power Factor Full Bridge Ac-Dc Converter
A.Parthiban, R.Sivakumar, R.Saktheeswaran
80 Leakage Reduction in various Logic circuits using VTCMOS technique
Nitin Sachdeva, Tarun Sachdeva, Dr. Munish Vashishath, Nisha Kumari
81 Performance Evaluation and Comparative Analysis of Various Thresholding Methods and Edge Detection Techniques
Poonamdeep kaur, Dr.Raman Maini
82 Improving Performance of DVR with High-Frequency Isolated DC-DC Converter
M.Sudhakar, M.Shankar, J.Sumasree
83 Stability Enhancement of a Multi-Machine Power System using Static VAR Compensator
Poonam Singhal , S. K. Agarwal , Narender Kumar , Monika Kharb
84 Dynamic Web Page Segmentation on Heterogeneous Sites Using Tag Path Clustering
N.S.Arunkarthik, Dr.S.Karthik , K.R.Nivethitha, S. Kannan
85 Analysis of Variation in Surface Roughness and Adhesive Bond Strength With Adherend Surface Roughness
Prof.Chandra Prakash Giri , Prof.Mahesg Dewangan , Prof.Prabhat Giri
86 A study on craniofacial dimensions of ogbas and ibanis of rivers state Nigeria
Oladipo G.S., Yorkum L.K.
87 Estimation And Enhancing The Performance Of Wlan Network's By Load Balancing
Manjit Singh, Omkara Murthy
88 Fine Tuning Approach for Quality of Service in Border Gateway Protocol
Akash Saini, Gunjan Gandhi
89 An Effective Protocol to Resist Password Stealing Attacks and Fake accounts in Social Sites
R.Danu, A.Raviraman, R.Gurumoorthy, G.Guber Sambath
90 Civilizing Uninterepted Routing Performance Of Greedy Forwarding In Sensor Networks
S.Suganya, R.Sudha
91 Analytical and Numerical Analysis of a Pre-flex Girder Construction
Saurabh Bajracharya, Zarghaam Haider Rizvi
92 Genre-Based Movie Analysis from Viewer Reviews
Thilagavathy.N, Kannan.U, Gothandapani.M, Mathan.S
93 Testing of Aspect Oriented Programming with UML sequence flow diagrams
Amritpreet Kaur, Janpreet Singh